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Indiana Department of Natural Resources (IDNR)

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>> Munsee Woods Nature Preserve:

INDR Nature Preserve Trail Guides

Indiana Nature Preserves Finder (IDNR)

Red-tail Nature Preserves (Delaware County):

Review their visitation guidelines & check out all Red-tail Nature Preserves here:

Red-tail Nature Preserves (All)

1967 Nature Preserves Act

nature preserves

purpose to protect plants, animals, and the natural ecosystem supporting them by restoring their natural ecological conditions

home to endangered, threatened, and extirpated species

often open to public for hiking, nature study (observation), or scientific research (with permission)

ways to experience nature:



observation platforms, (osprey) nest platforms, natural play areas (green space), walking + hiking trails, benches, viewing areas, picnic shelters, interpretive signage

"visitation guidelines"

always stay on trails

pets must remain on leashes

all trash must be packed out

all pet waste must be packed out

plants and wildlife left undisturbed (no proplifting!)

get permission for geocaching

no hunting/trapping

no camping

no vehicles

no fishing

no mining

no rock climbing

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